Here are a collection of testimonials that have been left on my Facebook page  by yoga, meditation and mindfulness students alike:


Morgan, 24, London:

"Jess (in collaboration with medunlocked) took us through a Valentines Day meditation that connected me back to my body and my breath, something I often find extremely challenging in overstimulating London. Her style is accessible, approachable and simple meditative practices that allow even the novice to feel supported, safe and able to explore whatever may arise when looking inside. Thank you darling Jess, you are such a gift!"

Klára, 27, Oxfordshire:

"Absolutely fabulous teacher, I leave her classes feeling like a different person each week. Her classes opened my mind to so many different things and it helped me so much with my mental health. I absolutely love the classes and look forward to them every week. 
Would love Bicester classes to be more often than once a week!"

Bryony, Corporate Yoga Client:

"We had the pleasure of having Jess in to teach a morning yoga class at the GO Mammoth Head Office! Jess took us through a wonderful Vinyasa Flow class which was tailored to all levels, leaving us feeling stretched and refreshed for the day ahead. She calmly guided and encouraged us throughout the class, ensuring that we left feeling challenged and energised! Would highly recommend Jess! Thanks again!"

Antonia, 33, London:

"My experience of meditating with Jess has been amazing. As a novice mediator, Jess guides you through the session, so that you can focus on getting the best experience and meditation. Every session has left me feeling calm and a little more focussed each time. My technique isn't perfect, but Jess's methods are such that it's okay if you don't quite have the comfortable experience you were hoping for and she very eloquently helps you realise that what you perceive a typical meditation pose and session to be, is not necessarily the right way for you individually. It is a process and Jess's approach to mindfulness and associating it with every day activities thoughts and mindsets, is really enlightening. I'm looking forward to the next session and to incorporate it with a physical mediation of yoga :)"