What do my classes look like?

In my adult classes I teach a strong dynamic flow based on the principals of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series which I adapt for time and ability constraints. As a practitioner and teacher of meditation and mindfulness practices, I often incorporate elements of these teachings and techniques into my classes with the intention of cultivating awareness and inner peace. 




How do kids classes work?

My kids classes vary hugely in content and style depending on the age group and situation. Whether it's a P.E. class, an after school club or a workshop all of the children's sessions will have the objective of increasing self-awareness, concentration, focus and physical well-being. As with the adult classes, I work lots of mindfulness elements into the sessions, providing children with the skills to help self-regulate any issues with anxiety and depression. For younger children the class will be based on a theme or subject that relates to their school syllabus and explored through physical movement and games. For older children and adolescents the class begins to resemble an adult yoga class with the introduction of sequences whilst still keeping it fun and engaging through games and interactive exercises.