My name is Jessica and I am a yoga and mindfulness teacher for adults, teenagers and children in West London and Oxfordshire. Thank you so much for coming to check out my website and blog. Here you can find out about where and when I am teaching and what exciting events and workshops I have planned. You will also find my blog where you will be able to follow my yoga journey and anything that I feel the urge to write about connected to yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Don't hesitate to get in touch and I look forward to seeing you in class soon! 


  • 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyassa Yoga Teacher Training Course - Samyak Yoga, Mysore, India
  • Teaching Yoga to Children - Calm for Kids, London, UK
  • Teaching Mindfulness to Children - Calm for Kids, London, UK

About me

Instead of awkwardly writing about myself, I decided to ask my dear friend and wonderful writer and poetess Karuna Ezara Parikh to write my bio for me. Karuna and I did our yoga teacher training together at Samyak Yoga in Southern India and I am in love with the way she spellbindingly weaves language. I will be talking in more detail on my blog about some of the stages of my journey that she mentions, so make sure you sign up to my newsletter to stay in the loop. 

"The first time I saw Jessica was across the dining hall at the Samyak Yoga Ashram in Mysore, her strawberry blonde hair up, glass of lemon water in her hand, putting an entire group of fresh students at ease with her chatter and warmth. She seemed to be the very centre of energy in the room, and it was only later that I found out she wasn't one of the teachers but a first time yoga student herself. She saw me and said, "Is that a Cardiff Uni sweatshirt?!" I nodded, hands awkwardly in pockets. She'd been to the same university. We laughed. Over the next few weeks I saw Jess do something no one else seemed to manage. She put in the same gruelling hours we did and yet she managed to create a connection with every single person there, while continuing to grow and progress herself. Whether it was practicing quietly one on one with someone by the river, eating lunch with a girl who's had a bad day, singing songs with the boy who was missing home, or simply raising her hand in class to gently defend an idea - she always seemed to be giving. She had and has a certain quality no one else in the room did. She is one with herself. And because she is, I can only conclude this - she is putting in the work to rest her ego, and truly embrace the gentle, humble and divine path of the true Yogini.
Born in London and raised in Oxford, Jessica was 18 when she was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). One in ten women suffer from PCOS and Jessica, like so many, found the treatments she received unsatisfactory. She decided at the time to explore more holistic medicinal systems to find solutions, and there began her journey towards wellness.
In India Jessica became a student of Ayurveda and eventually yoga, and found that these ancient schools of thought aligned more with her ideologies than the more materialistic modern Western ones she had encountered whilst growing up. She had often struggled with depression, eating disorders, anxiety and low self esteem, and saw in yoga a path and method to combat these. Suicide is today the highest cause for death in boys under 30, and the suicide rate for young girls is at the highest it has been in decades. Part of Jessica’s manifesto is to act as part of the solution to that complex scenario.
With core values of integrity, love, connection and authentic self-expression, she intends to pass on and teach the skills and techniques that she found useful and effective. Through yoga, mindfulness and meditation it is possible to create a world where children feel at ease, both with themselves as well as with their surroundings. Where they are connected to their families, and more aware of their own strengths and confidence. As Jessica will point out – neuroscience research is consistently proving the incredibly positive effects of these methods of healing.
In 2016 Jessica qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyassa yoga teacher with Samyak Yoga and in 2017 she graduated as a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher with Calm for Kids. Today she teaches both children and adults in studios, schools and church halls in London and Oxfordshire.
As a teacher Jessica is thoughtful, caring, adventurous, fearless, articulate, belly achingly funny, and in possession of the greatest self-assurance. I invite you to come partake of the joy and blessing of learning the ancient arts of yoga, mindfulness and meditation from her."